Bonani Our Pride Tours and Shuttle was founded in 1996. The company is community-based, offering Western and Eastern Cape cultural experiences. Mandisa St. Clair (Owner) was the first black woman to be registered as a SATOUR tour-guide in the Western Cape.

We offer the visitors a unique opportunity to see, know and experience our lifestyle, as you have always wanted - made possible by people directly affected. As we share our stories of the past, present and future with tourists that are interested in the heritage and history of our country, we will leave you with a clearer and richer understanding of our country, which we are proud of. Thus, Bonani Our Pride Tours was conceived.

Our knowledge and experience of these areas together with our networking ability and relationships with people in these areas are important elements of the concept.
Tourists are encouraged to establish personal contact with the local people on the various tours that we offer. In this way, we contribute towards peace and healing in our country. We have been pioneers in designing quality cultural experience tours. Bringing the people together, opening our homes to visitors, showing highlights of our culture, that's what responsible tourism is all about and that's what we enjoy doing the most!

Our goal at Bonani Our Pride Tours is to provide you, the client, with the most excellent service and interesting experience in our beautiful country.

Bonani means to "see", but it doesn't just stop there. It's also about touching, hearing, speaking and tasting. Yes, it's about all of the senses.

With our extensive experience we have created and developed a few tourism products.
As the name suggests, we PRIDE ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of our product.

Mandisa St. Clair



My name is Mandisa St. Clair, a proud and committed South African, born and bred in Cape Town. I am a retired nurse and managing owner of Bonani Our Pride Tours and Shuttle. Six years ago I was trudging the streets of Cape Town's Gugulethu Township, bartering second-hand clothes. Today, I am still on the streets - but now I lead a group of eager foreign tourists.  
  When I started my company, I realised what many big-name operators had ignored - that foreigners were simply not satisfied with taking the Cable Car up Table Mountain and dining in swanky seafood restaurants. I realised tourists wanted to feel the real South Africa, they want to see how most South Africans live, and how the unemployed survive and what the conditions are like in the townships.